Our passion for designing Modern Leather Crossbody bags started in 2009 when Mane Arteche, designer, owner and multitask from MONZOON,  went to travel to Asia for 9 months. I quoted my full time job in an advertisement agency and went to discover a new world. In this travel all the Fanny packs to use were so ugly and had no style at all !

So I decided to make my own Leather Bum Bags with a Modern and edgy Touch. I made for myself and my friends, and then a bunch of people started asking around where I got the Hip bags from.

So I started my own production of leather Bum Bags and it worked!

Look! Here are some styling photos from our Bags.

We have developed different Buttery Leather Bags to match Urban Style of modern woman. People that like to move around, go to party, concerts and festivals. How cool is to have a perfect party bag to carry only the necessary and with style?

 All our bags are designed by Mane Arteche , and handmade by expert leather Taylors.

We choose hand by hand the leathers and made very piece at the time of order. So each bag is Unique.

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