Im Mane Arteche, born in Chile and living in Barcelona since 20 years. Im gypsi in the heart, I love traveling and knowing different cultures.
Our story starts back in 2009 when I quited my full time job in an Advertising Agency in Barcelona, and went to travel through Asia for 9 months.
The first Monzoon collection started in this 2009 travel when I was in India. During this time I got the idea to start making Hip Bags because they are so usefull while traveling, and when I started looking around, the ones I founded were not nice.

One day drinking chai in the cafes of Main bazar, New Delhi, a man that was also drinking chai, asked me, pointing the bag I was wearing at my hips. 
- ¿Who made this? 
- ¿How much did you pay for it?

This 2 questions were the beginning of a nice and productive Relationship.
His name was: Shakeel Ahmeed.

Next day we met on the same chai place, and we went by tuc-tuc to his factory.
His factory was far away from Main Bazaar. 
We crossed together whole Delhi to get there…
When we arrived, he presented me his family. His daughter Saima, his brothers, and his whole family that worked in the Factory.
Hundred of pieces of leather flying around, some old tables, some sewing machines, and all the walls covered with paper patterns.. waiting to be produced..
We sat together in a work table and we start drawing.
Once the pattern was made, we selected the leather.. and we started sewing and making our first Hip bag.
When it was ready we both were super happy with the result. It was really nice and confortable!

So this was the start. 
I became his client, and he became my manufacturer. 

MONZOON we should call the label, Shakeel told me,
he continued… : MONZOON is when the heat is so high, when its so hot, that the rain must come to fresh us all . It´s a relief . A present from the Gods "

- Yes  Maria! Shakeel said, Monzoon is a fresh breeze for me and my factory… Thank You!
I just found it great! So that will be the name!! : MONZOON.

Our clothing is inspired also by travels, this time to Thailand in 2013. There I met an amazing textiles pattern designer, and together we create every Summer a New Clothing Collection, where all the pieces are One Size, using Soft Viscosse and Cotton, dying them  in Monochromatik colors and using different techniques of textile printing.

… So, my friends, that is the story… 
One travel changed my life, and re-direct my work.
I always dreamed on having a work that makes me travel, and somehow made sense for people… and it happened ...drinking chai in New Delhi...